Expressing without words..

Our little florets of Early years rocked the stage by giving a marvelous performance on songs based on emotions. They represented the theme “How we express ourselves”, in which they also discussed about non-verbal means of communication. They enjoyed performing on stage and were confident. Their assembly was appreciated by all other tiny tots gathered in atrium for assembly.

Rehersal time

Preparing for exhibition
Our tiny tots had a unit end exhibition, of the theme - How we express ourselves. To showcase their skills efficiently on the final day, they practiced a lot for the same for a couple of days. With this, their confidence level boosted up, and they got knowledge in depth about the content. Each and every learner  got assigned for a specific station, they represented the particular topic and tried to explain in the best way they can. It was wonderful to see how beautifully they demonstrated their areas.

Let's play with clay

Clay Modelling
Learners of early  years, played with clay during their free play. It wasn't just a play, they used their creative minds and came out with so many good objects and figures. They also discussed about the colours and shapes of the things they made. While rolling and shaping up the clay they enhanced their fine motor skills too. They enjoyed the engagement a lot.


    Formative assessment
To assess knowledge of our learners, formative assessment was taken for Third line of inquiry, Effective communication. In this learners got seated in a circle and a few chits of magical words were placed before them on the table. Each one of them had to come according to their turns and pick up a chit, and according to the magical word which they picked, they had to describe and discuss about when it is used.


Young learners of early years learnt about prepositions like, in, on and under. They enjoyed the engagement with the teddy bear and a box. They had to tell the position of the teddy and also had to look for other things using the same preposition near their surrounding. They followed the instructions too, to get better understanding like, keep your hands on your head, in your pocket and under your chair.

Fun with words..

Fun with words

Guest lecture

Learners of EY 1 enjoyed an interactive story session by Ms. Radhika Apte on verbal and non - verbal communication. Learners listened to a moral story about a dog and its reflection. Little florets attentively listened and shared the moral of the story. Making kids aware of the non verbal communication Ms. Radhika then expressed some emotions which learners were supposed to guess. It was a fruitful learning session which cleared the concept of verbal and non verbal communication in a very fun learning way.